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What Makes Us Dazzle

First and foremost Dragonfly Healing & Learning Center is a members only (PMA/PEA) faith-based nonprofit learning center (508c1A). Spirituality is very important to us, and we strive to incorporate it throughout the day. We begin each learning day with a gratitude meditation at our welcoming circle. This helps us to start each learning day fresh and ready to learn. At the end of the day we share our gratitude and discuss what we learned and did during the day. Recounting the day is an excellent memory practice and keeps our brains strong, healthy and active. Throughout the day we will include sound healing. This can look different depending on how the day is planned and how the children and teachers are feeling. Sound healing can be as simple as playing relaxing and healing music in the background while we learn. Or, it could be using the Crystal Sound Bowls, Tibetan Sound Bowl, Ocean Drum, Drums, chanting, or a guided meditation, breathing or mindfulness practice.


The best learning experiences are hands-on learning. We hope that we will be able to have many field trips to foster learning. Guests in the community will be coming in regularly to teach us. If you or someone you know would like to be a Special Guest on Wonderful Wednesdays, please contact us and we will set time aside for you!


What We Prioritize

  • Healthy whole child: mind, body, and spirit

  • Spirituality

  • Physical Education

  • Embrace Individuality

  • Learning to be compassionate, empathetic and openhearted

  • Compassion- heart-centered teaching, wholehearted learning

  • Explicitly Teaching Core Values (Honesty, Kindness, Compassion, Empathy, Collaboration, and Creativity.

  • Sound healing

  • Art (visual, literary and performing arts)

  • Caring for and about animals and people

  • Learning Real Life Skills

  • Kids Fun Yoga

  • Cooking (following recipes)

  • Gardening

  • Creative Writing and Poetry

  • Project Based Learning

  • Thematic Units based on the needs and interests of the children


What We Offer


How We Teach

  • Core Purpose is heart centered

  • Instill in children a natural love of learning

  • Caring about and for animals, plants and people

  • Learning Life Skills

  • Taking Pride and Care of our Bodies (mind, body, spirit)

  • Excellent Curriculum (Reading, Writing, Math)

  • Reiki Kids

  • Beginning French

  • More to Come!



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