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Animal Reiki Treatments with Ms. Heather

Why Animal Reiki?

Animal Reiki can be used on animals for many reasons. I have used it to help calm animals, support their diet, medicine, support animals to be adopted, rescue kittens from trees, cross Rainbow Bridge, adjust pets to a new home, help with animal birthing, emotional wounds and guidance on seeking veterinary care. 


Animal Reiki is healing to animals and caregivers who have crossed and are seeking peace. I specialize in supporting caregivers during the grief process of losing a beloved pet and supporting animals as they cross over. 


How do Healing Treatments Work? 

  • In your Animal Reiki treatment session, you have the opportunity to choose an in person session or a distance session.

  • Caretaker will complete a quick questionnaire and a 15 minute phone session to discuss the need of the pet. 

  • We schedule a distance or in person treatment session

  • The animal/pet and caregiver must consent to receiving reiki. 

  • Please note that reiki can do no harm.


What payments do you accept?

  • Dragonfly Healing Center is a non-profit organization and a donation receipt will be given to you upon receipt of payment and services. 

  • We accept cash and check only at this time.

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