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Our Story

How Dragonfly Came to Be

When I began my teaching career I was so excited to make a difference in the lives of children. I struggled as a learner and wanted to help struggling students. I love literature and writing and am inspired to help students learn to express themselves and communicate effectively. I was so excited to be a Reading Specialist and loved it. Yet, working in public school I realized that so much of it was focusing on what the children were not learning. A student, for example, who is excelling in math, but struggling with me is given “intervention” to “catch up” and get to “grade level” instead of working and excelling in what they are good at. I believe this begins to crush the child’s spirit and teaches them that they are not good enough. I also noticed in public schools that children are not allowed to be authentic. Children are not meant to sit in rows in classrooms for hours and released for “brain breaks’. Children are put on Behavior Plans, when they are not the problem, the system is! 


I realized after having my daughter that there was no way she was going to attend public school. I researched other options and nothing in the area had all the things I was looking for. I was searching for a place where my child can learn mindfulness, how to meditate, practice yoga and lots of physical activities (not cutting P.E. minutes to do more time on the computers). I was also looking for somewhere where she can learn at her own pace. If she is stronger in math, I want more time for that, not focussing on her weaknesses. I don’t want a place that focuses on “filling holes” I want a place where children expand on their strengths. Since I could not find a place, I decided to create one.

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