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Mission and Philosophy

The mission of Dragonfly Healing & Learning Center is to provide children a place to learn in a safe and nurturing environment. We focus on the whole child; mind, body and spirit, teaching life skills, listening to the whole body, mind and spirit. As a PMA/PEA we are separate from the state of California and the curriculum will be chosen to reflect the needs and interests of the children. 


Our Philosophy

Dragonfly Healing & Learning Center was created for families to attend that values a true whole child approach and learning valuable life skills. Our learning center will teach mindfulness, meditation, prayer, breathing, yoga, physical education, art, crafts, cooking, positive character traits, gardening, effective communication, understanding values, Emotional Intelligence, Project Based Learning, proper nutrition, as well as academics. As we grow our curriculum will grow to meet the needs and interests of the students.

Dragonfly Healing & Learning Center embodies the ideas of the whole child where students will learn healthy habits for the body, mind and spirit. We take pride and joy in empowering children through heart-centered learning. 

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